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Ordering Process:


We have experience in supplying drawings for commercial, retail, education, healthcare, and private end clients, but the process from initial contact to final completion is almost always the same regardless.


If you require CAD drawings for your project it will normally follow the steps below:


  • Either call or email using our contact page to talk through your requirements and get an estimated lead time for drawing to commence, we are constantly working on different contracts so will need to pencil in a start date and allocate time for the work.

  • Send over as much information as you can, this is key to getting the drawings correct first time, and thus saving you time and money.
    We normally require (if available / applicable), architects drawings, sketches, materials to be used, hardware references, glazing details, a full site survey, finishing details with paint codes, which items are by others on site, and any other small piece of information you feel is relevant, i.e. site access or weight considerations.
    While the aforementioned is preferable we realize this may not be possible so are used to getting a simple hand drawn A4 sketch, a quick specification, and a 'when can I have it back'.

  • We will call you to run through the project so we are clear on what is required and ask any questions we might have.

  • You will receive a written quotation to complete the first issue drawings. This will not include any revisions which may be required as this is unknown.
    Unfortunately revisions can be very simple affairs which take no time to do, and therefore do not cost anything, to a full redraw, at full cost. This is particularly true when working with private clients, and drawing staircases.
    We have found that our customers build in the cost of completing drawings for a job in their own quotation therefore not having to take this out of the job profits, we are more than happy to provide a quote for drawing a job which you may not have already won.
    All work is logged on a time sheet and work is paid for by the hour at the current hourly rate, plus vat. You will only be charged for time taken, even if that is under the quoted price.

  • Email us to let us know you are happy with the price and want us to start as planned.
    All new customers have to pay a 50% deposit invoice before we start drawing, payable by BACS.
    This is waived on all subsequent orders.
    Send over your company logo, and a drawing template if you have one.

  • We complete and forward the first issue drawings to you on pdf via email.
    You also receive the dwg cad file.
    For large contracts we may just send the first drawing for you to confirm everything is correct and we can carry on without changing anything.

  • Once you have received the drawings, check them over to make sure everything is correct, especially dimensions and specification. We will have done this but it is also your responsibility to do this, two pairs of eyes are better than one!
    If anything needs changing let us know by email and we will get it back to asap.

  • We produce an invoice every Friday for the work completed during that week.
    All invoices must be paid by BACS within 28 days.

  • Once you have submitted drawings for approval you may need revisions completed.
    If so, email over the marked up drawings or any instructions from either client or architect and we will send you a quote and timescale to complete this.
    All changes required must be in writing as there may be a wait while we finish off other orders.
    We do not allocate time for revisions in the week so they are worked in-between other orders.

  • We may call to run through the revisions as they aren't always clear.....or sensible!

  • We complete the revised drawings and send them over in pdf format along with the updated dwg file for your records.



A copy of our terms and conditions can be downloaded in pdf format using the link below.

We hope everything above is clear, but if there is something you need to clarify or query please call or email using the contact page.



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